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I visited New York for the first time since I moved away 6 years ago.  Our first stop upon arrival was a drive in NYC for what else?  A pretzel!

Our next stop?  Our hometown of Valley Stream.  We stopped at the home we owned before moving to NC and each of our childhood homes.  We also had to have my favorite pizza, an individual Grandma’s pizza at Ancona on Rockaway Ave.  We walked up and down the avenue looking for familiar sites and of course we had to stop for my all time favorite homemade rice pudding at Mitchell’s.

We also took a walk around Hendrickson Park, a place I spent so much of my childhood and teenage years.  Here is the bench I used to sit on as I contemplated whatever was going on in my life at the time, my place to think and journal.

We drove all around Long Island visiting with members of our extended families and were also able to see some friends we had not seen in a long time.  There is nothing like my aunt’s cooking!!  Here is a sample of what we enjoyed – eggplant parmesean and rice balls.

What a wonderful trip down memory lane.


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Most of you know that I love painting – you may have seen some of them in the Journal of Possibility I created.

This creative journaling is something different for me.  You see, when I painted, I would always paint a picture, sometimes watercolor, sometimes acrylic.  I always wondered what to do with all of of the small paintings I made.  There are only so many I can put on the wall and I didn’t want to put them away, I like looking at them.

I had never experimented with creative journaling until a few months ago.  I started as a way to prompt me to write my thoughts and emotions, gain clarity about an issue, and a place to capture beautiful quotes or passages from books that move me.  Writing on white paper is not inspiring to me, so I began using watercolor to paint the pages of a blank journal I bought.   This brought the pages to life and made them inviting to write on.

I then started adding some of my paintings to the journal, adding more creative touches and backgrounds.  Now I am finding images from magazines that move me and adding them as a collage.

Having a journal (or now several) that I am working on inspires me to paint or create almost every day.  Here is a picture of my workspace.  I leave everything out or within arms reach.

How do you journal?

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Last week I had to make the difficult decision to let my beautiful cat, Cookie, go.  At 14 years old, she lived a long wonderful life, the last 8 years of which I was blessed to have her in my life. 

She helped me through some of my lowest points.  No, she could not advise, commiserate, agree or challenge me.  What she offered was unconditional love no matter what I looked or sounded like.  She gave me warmth and affection as she followed me around the house, curling up beside me wherever I landed.   Focusing on her helped keep me grounded in the present moment when I needed to the most.

She added joy to my days.  Seeing her first thing every morning as she excitedly waited to be fed – ready for a new day, watching her as she napped in her favorite chair in such adorable positions, coming to greet me when I arrived home, “asking” to be brushed and her having her climb into bed with me most every evening.

Cookie was a special companion and will be missed deeply. 


Who has been such a companion to you during the highs and lows of your life?

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I’ve always been fascinated by dreams.  I usually remember most of my dreams, even days afterward especially if they were vivid and emotional – though I never took the time to record them until now.

Inspiration to record my dreams came from two sources, a book I am reading and a friend’s experience.  The book is The Not So Big Life by Sarah Susanka where a chapter is devoted to recording and discovering the meaning in your dreams.   My friend is also reading the book (we are in a book club together with this book as the subject) and she started not only writing her dreams but recording them using collage!  

My method of recording my dreams?  Painting of course!  I cut watercolor paper into quarters and when I remember a vivid dream, I write notes on one side of the paper and on the other I paint a watercolor scene of what I saw in my dream.    My latest dream?  A visit to coastal Italy with visions of the sea.  I can’t wait to paint it!

How do you record your dreams?

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In my January article, I spoke of choosing one thing to focus on this year as you begin to great goals and resolutions.

For my one resolution this year I have chosen one action to take weekly and that is creativity.  Yes, I’ve talked about it a lot but I too often let it slip to the back burner when my work and life gets busy.  So this year my one intention is to make creativity a part of every week. 

To do that I am going to schedule – as if it is an appointment with me – creative time.  During that time how I choose to be creative could include painting, photography, decorating, writing… 

The outlet and even the outcome does not matter.  What matters is having such an outlet for creative expression.  How will this affect my life?  Creativity, for me, is my meditation and inspiration.  It brings me to a different space, more serene and playful.  It transports me from the rush of life to a state of being more present.  When I am creative, I focus on the details of a landscape, the colors of a painting, and my immediate emotions/thoughts when writing.  When I am playful, present and serene, my whole life takes on a better perspective!

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“The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”  Marcel Proust

I love this quote.  Because I am such a visual person, quotes that bring up vivid powerful pictures really hit home for me.  This one brings up so much.  On one hand I imagine myself on a boat in a wide open sea.  The sun shining brilliantly accross the water, my hair blowing in the breeze and a huge smile of exicted anticipation on my face as I approach new places from an open vantage point – with clear eyes wanting to see it all.  On the other hand I also see myself opening my eyes in familiar places, yet seeing them with much greater color and emotion.  Seeing things for the first time that had been in front of me all the while.  Again I have the same feeling of excitement, this time from childlike wonder.  Each image fills me with such delight, that my whole being is sparked.

What are some of your favorite quotes that evoke an incredible spark in you?

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