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With a Sunday all to myself I chose silence.  What does that mean?  No TV, no radio – just me.   I often have said aloud that I am not really a TV watcher, yet if I really stop and think about it, the TV seems to be on all the time, especially if I am not at my computer.

By force of habit, and sometimes craving noise to fill up quiet space, I turn it on.  While I’m cooking, while I’m eating, while I’m painting…  Yesterday I chose not to.

Instead, while I cooked I focused more on what I was preparing.  While I ate I listened to the birds chirping outside and gazed at the landscape outside my window.   While I painted, I was intent on what I was creating – even experimenting with some new techniques.

It was such a nice day, such a nice feeling to choose silence.  To be comfortable with a solitary focus instead of my usual divided attention.   To me more fully present with where I was and what I was doing.

How often do you choose silence?

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