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Last week I delivered a presentations 7 Signs You Are Ready to Stretch and Actions to Take to a group of people in career transition.

The 7 signs we focused on were:

  • You are restless – feeling an “itch” to do something more or different
  • You are seeking – feeling a need for greater purpose in what you are doing
  • You are bored – seeking greater passion in your work or life
  • You are in a rut – feeling a need to change things up
  • You are feeling a pull – feeling ready to act on an idea you have
  • You have an opportunity – one that is out of the norm for you
  • You are questioning – wondering what impact you are having
Some great conversation too place around these 7 signs.  Some thoughts and ideas the audience shared:
  • Never close a door until you look through it first – when a new idea or opportunity shows up that is out of your comfort zone, take the time to review it with open eyes and an open mind
  • Take notice of what actions you do on a daily basis that are within your comfort zone – begin to take daily small steps out of your comfort zone.  This will get you out of your rut, address your restlessness and may even spark new passion
  • Volunteer – especially in an area that is out of your comfort zone – may also boost your passion, give you greater meaning and even spark an idea to pursue

What signs are you noticing that it’s time for you to stretch?

What thoughts do you have to get you out of your comfort zone?


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Several years ago I was completing some exercises as I was embarking on career and life exploration of my own.  One of exercises asked me to write my 20 year vision.  My first reaction?  20 years?? At the time I found it easy to plan my weeks and months, even loosely knowing what I wanted to accomplish that year, but the next 20??

After a brief challenge of wrapping my head around the concept that I could plan that far ahead, I began to imagine what I wanted my life to be like 5 years from then, 10 years, 15 – and I was able to get to 20.  So I sat at the table on my deck and began to write, letting my imagination run free, thinking about my big goals and dreams – especially those that had lain dormant for a while.

It was fun, soon the ideas began to flow so much so that a giddiness took over.  Could this really happen – I asked myself?  Why not I answered.  And that marked the beginning of my life and career transformation.

Now it’s your turn.  Whether you want to focus on 1 year, 5, 10 or 20 – begin to let your imagination run free – remember the dreams of your childhood, uncover those you never dared dream and create a realm of possibility currently beyond your imagination.  Then take it to paper, letting all your thoughts form words and images.

Your vision for the future is limited only by your imagination!

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As I mentioned in one of my recent posts, a few months ago I started working with a personal trainer at my gym.  That time has come to a close so it’s time to reflect on my experience.   What results did I achieve?

Well, as most people expect when starting a new workout routine, I had hoped my results would include weight loss.  While that did happen, to an extent, my experience was much bigger than that.   So what did happen?

  • Started running (see my recent post).  This is something I never thought I would do or love as much as I do.
  • Gained muscle.  Yes it’s true that muscle does weigh more than fat.  How do I know?  My clothes are loose even though the scale only went down 3-4 pounds! 
  • Got stronger.  I can now do more tricept dips, push ups and lift heavier weights than I could three months ago.
  • More energy.  There is new spring in my step and energy in my body than I had before.
  • Learned.  I learned more about myself and what I am capable of and learned more about my body and what makes it tick.

What’s next?  This experience has taught me a lot and showed me the way to a healthier me.  My new workout routine will always include running and weights, but I’ll be mixing it up daily.  I will also be continuing to challenge myself in each and every workout.

What experiences have you had that brought you more (and perhaps different) results than you had imagined?

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You know I am always trying new things…well this time it is running!  I used to say that “running was not for me” or “I can’t run it will hurt my knees (my knees hurt when I walk a lot)”  Well, much to my suprise – running makes my legs feel fanstastic!

How did I get started on this new path?  I started working with a personal trainer at my gym for a few months and early on in our workouts she asked me, as part of one workout, to get on the treadmill and run for 3 minutes.  I said “I don’t run”.  In her typical fashion, she just looked at me and that said it all.  So I got on the treadmill and said I would try it.  I did and found I could!

It snowballed from there, doing a few minutes more each time, alternating with walking for a minute or two.  The other day while at the beach I ran (at a slow pace) for 50 minutes – only walking for a couple of minutes at several intervals.  Then a few days later I ran for 25 minutes straight! These were big accomplishments for me.

Now I actually look forward to running each morning!  This is incredible to me and very exciting.   So…never say never!

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This months article is called Mentors and Masterminds so I wanted to share my own first mastermind experience.

I met Ann Etheridge at a seminar I delivered back in January 2006.  We felt an immediate connection and had coffee soon afterward.  In conversation, we found that we were both seeking support to grow our businesses.  She mentioned another friend, Meri Raffetto, who was also interested in this and suggested we all meet to see if there was synergy between us.  There was!  We all decided to hold weekly meetings at each others homes.  We came to each meeting prepared with our agenda of what we wanted to talk about, get feedback on, brainstorm around and more.   For us that included new business ideas, marketing ideas, support as we navigated the rollercoaster of being business owners.

We also committed to connecting between meetings by e-mail and phone if we had something pressing to discuss or review.  That experience lasted nearly a year and was an integral part of my early success as a new business owner.  It gave me the camaraderie and collegiality I was missing since I left my position at the university and went out on my own.  Today I continue to have mastermind partnerships with different people and in different ways based on my needs as by business evolves.

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Some of you may have seen my first video on Facebook last week.  It was only 30 seconds but it was my commitment step to a video series I am planning. 

Commitment steps are something I often talk about in my seminars and with my clients.  To me, they represent the one small step you take that catapults you on your path toward the realization of a goal. 

For me, putting that 30 second clip on Facebook announced to the public what I am up to.  It solidified my goal of creating a video series for now that it is “out there” it inspires me to keep going.  It also aligns with one of my values “doing what I say I will do” so not doing it is not an option any longer for me.   This commitment step took me out of the planning/thinking about it stage and into the doing it stage!

What is something you have been waiting for the “right” moment to do?  Something you have been thinking about for a while but not yet catapulted to action? 

What could be your commitment step toward the realization of your goal?

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“Knowing why you want what you want is fuel that keeps you inspired and on your path.”

This is one of the images and messages that appear in my new Journal of Possibility.  What does it mean to “know why”?

Most of my clients initially come to me seeking happiness, fulfillment and purpose.  I ask them to define what each of those things mean to them.  Some are able to do that immediatley, but for many it takes time and introspection to clarify not only what they truly want, but why they want it.

Why might you want something?  Happiness is not an answer, it is too elusive, too big.   You will want to dig deeper to discover what makes you feel the sense of happiness.  Then dig deeper still to why those things make you happy – until you hit on the powerful why, the one that will keep you inspired to stay on your path!


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