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Have you ever said something like “it would be great if I could create a business around….”?  It could be a hobby or passion you have, something you do exceptionally well or something you see a need for.   Depending on how far along your thoughts are about this business, there are a number of things you could do to just take one step toward creating it.  Even if you are not sure you want to dive in fully, what if you tried it, took one step in that direction – what possibilities might open up for you?  

Some first steps might be:

  • Writing a clear vision for what your business would look like if it were up and running today with you as its leader
  • Finding a business that exists that is similar to learn how they structured it
  • Trying your hand at it by finding a part time position or volunteering in the same area. 

My experience…

Before becoming a coach, I thought about professional organizing as a business for I absolutely love everything there is to do with organizing. After researching it a bit, I found two pro-bono clients to test out my skills and interest.  It worked wonderfully, as I realized this was not the business for me.  The day to day environment was not a good fit with my skills, needs and wants.  Even though this particular business was not for me, by testing it out I got the “entrepreneurial bug” and quickly found a better fit in coaching!

An easy first step: sign up for a Vocation Vacation to get first hand experience of what it looks and feels like to run a business from someone who is not only passionate about what they do, but in sharing it with you!

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What would it mean to truly accept yourself – just the way you are, just the way things are – for today? 

Many people think acceptance is giving up or giving in.  I believe that acceptance is learning to love who you are, how you are and where you are – just as it all is right now.  That does not mean you stop growing and developing and challenging yourself.  What it means is smelling the roses, seeing what’s great and good today, enjoying the journey of your growth, not just racing for some finish line that seems to always stretch farther away the closer you think you are getting to it.

Acceptance is taking a breath, looking around you and marveling at what you have already created.  Acceptance is looking inside and seeing the beauty, courage, strength and quirks that make you truly unique and special.  It is celebrating who you have become, while continuing to walk toward your future.

Accept yourself just the way you are today – in body, mind and spirit!

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I’ve always been fascinated by dreams.  I usually remember most of my dreams, even days afterward especially if they were vivid and emotional – though I never took the time to record them until now.

Inspiration to record my dreams came from two sources, a book I am reading and a friend’s experience.  The book is The Not So Big Life by Sarah Susanka where a chapter is devoted to recording and discovering the meaning in your dreams.   My friend is also reading the book (we are in a book club together with this book as the subject) and she started not only writing her dreams but recording them using collage!  

My method of recording my dreams?  Painting of course!  I cut watercolor paper into quarters and when I remember a vivid dream, I write notes on one side of the paper and on the other I paint a watercolor scene of what I saw in my dream.    My latest dream?  A visit to coastal Italy with visions of the sea.  I can’t wait to paint it!

How do you record your dreams?

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I had a great meeting last week with Mark Parbus of Unlocked Potential to reconnect now that the new year is well underway.  The conversation turned to the idea of networking and how so many are so uncomfortable with it.  When I ask my clients and colleagues what thoughts come up when they hear the word networking, the answer is usually negative.  Networking has gotten a bad rap when all it truly is – is making new connections and building relationships – and that can be fun!

Many of you know I used to be shy so I was where some of you are in my discomfort with it.  So, I thought it would be helpful to share how I (and Mark) make it not only easy but fun.   We shift our focus to the person we are with! 

Instead of going to a meeting wondering what we will say, how we will come across, how we will sound and what the other person will think of us (all of which adds stress to the meeting) we think about what we can learn about the person we are meeting with. 

Being curious about others is fun.  Learning how others got where they are and have achieved success is fun.   Understanding what others are passionate about and what they need to be more successful is fun. 

One of my favorite resources is called How To Talk to Anyone by Leil Lowndes, a book of 92 tips for getting more comfortable meeting people and cultivating relationships.  My favorite tip? Make others feel special!

It’s your turn to discover how much fun you can have meeting people!

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